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Go back in time and experience some of the best games ever for the classic Amiga. The best emulator out there for a variety of platforms is the fantastic UAE.

You can download it here.

Special thanks go to the talented individuals behind those emulators. Without them, our roots would almost be lost.

Classics for free
Turrican Soundtrack



Factor 5´s first game as a free download for everybody who loved the Amiga or just plain historical interest – also known in other parts of Europe as Denaris. 50 frames per second of high-adrenaline shooting action very reminiscent of R-Type.

Note: This only works 100% with the UAE emulator .

Download BCKid.zip

Katakis, R-Type and BC KID are not provided for the public domain. You are entitled to download and use these games only for non-commercial purposes. All copyrights are retained by their owners. Any distribution of this data through any medium unless specifically permitted by the copyright owners is not allowed.